Broken Air Conditioner? 5 Tips And Tricks To Stay Cool

Summer days are supposed to be packed with fun, from picnics and barbecues to swimming and tanning. However, as the day winds down and the night appears, you head inside to find out that your air conditioner isn't working. Yrying to sleep through a hot night when you're sweating profusely can be difficult to cope with. Until an air conditioning repair expert can make it to your home to conduct repairs, here are a few tips to help you stay cool at night (and the day, too):

1. Make Use of Cool Water.

While this probably makes you think of taking a cool shower, there are many ways you can use water to cool down. You could fill a bin or bucket and soak your feet. You could also wet bandannas or towels to place around your head or neck to help cool down.

2. Stick Your Sheets in the Freezer.

A few minutes prior to going to bed, take the sheets off your bed and stick them in the freezer. You could use the fridge if you're afraid they'll get too cold in the freezer. Just remember to place them in a plastic bag before putting them in.

3. Use Your Fans as Strategically as Possible.

Your ceiling fan should be operating in reverse to avoid an updraft. Don't forget to turn the ceiling fan off when you leave the room since it only cools you and not the room. You can also use a stand-alone fan directly in front of you to keep you cool. Its effect can be improved if you use a spray bottle to give a spritz to your face and arms every once in a while. This is because as the water evaporates off of your body and skin, it will allow the heat to go with it.

4. Hang a Wet Sheet Up.

If you're trying to cool down an entire room, open up the windows and use a wet sheet to hang in front of it. The breeze that comes in through the window will move through the wet sheet and lower the overall temperature in the room.

5. Add Rustic Charm to the Bedroom.

While your cloth-covered, puffy mattress is extremely comfortable, it retains heat like no other. To help cool off, you may want to think about a mat made out of bamboo or minimalist straw. Sure, it isn't going to be the comfiest, but it may be just enough to help you stay cool until the A/C repair person gets there.

As soon as you notice you're air conditioner isn't working, give an expert a call. They will get to you as quickly as they can, but it is best to avoid something like this altogether with preventative maintenance and regular inspections. Contact a company like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing if you need more help or have other questions.