2 Reasons To Choose Radiant Heating Instead Of Forced-Air

Purchasing a new heating system for your home is a big deal, mostly because it does represent a significant expense. But it is worth it when you consider the many benefits that a new system can provide. Your two main choices are radiant and forced-air heating. Radiant systems have an edge over forced-air due to their energy efficiency and the fact that they can improve your air quality.

Energy Efficiency

The biggest benefit provided by a radiant heating system is that it is one of the most energy efficient heating options available to you. This is a great benefit because it can lower your energy usage, which is great for both your finances and the environment.

One reason for a radiant heating system's efficiency is that it can be set up in a way that allows you to decide which rooms are heated at a given time. This allows you to lower your energy usage by heating the parts of your home that are in use, and ignoring the rest. For example, you can set a heating zone up that will heat the bedrooms at night, and ignore the living room, kitchen, and hallways.

With forced-air heating systems, you will usually not be able to limit the areas that it will heat when the system turns on. The forced-air system will heat every room in the house at once, which can be very wasteful.

In addition, a forced-air system will suffer from duct loss, which is when hot air is lost through cracks and openings in the duct system. A radiant heating system will not have this problem as it does not utilize your ducts in any way, instead the heating of your home is accomplished through heating pads or pipes located in the walls and floors.

Air Quality

Finally, replacing your forced-air system with a radiant heating system is a fantastic way to improve the air quality throughout your home. Forced-air systems can worsen your indoor air quality by blowing dust and allergens that have accumulated in your ducts throughout the home.

These dust particles and allergens can make people within your home sick more often and cause your home to smell foul. However, a radiant system does not blow air around your home or use your duct system, which allows it to avoid contributing to the dust and allergens in the air.

Speak to a heating professional like Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning Services today in order to determine which heating system is right for your home and budget. A radiant system is a great choice because it will improve your home's air quality and lower your energy usage.