How To Make Your Most Common Home Appliances Last Longer

The appliances you use in your home every day are part of what make your life so comfortable. You want them to last as long as possible, so your refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, and water heater remain useful for years to come. Learn how to make these very common home appliances last for years.


You can extend the life of your refrigerator by always placing your thermostat on the middle setting, not the very warmest or the ultimate coolest. The middle temperature setting allows for the most even cooling, which in turn keeps your fridge's motor from constantly running to keep up with extreme temperature desires. You will want to change your thermostat to cooler settings from time to time when you are housing desserts or deli meats in your trays, but you can always return it to the middle setting once these items have been used.


Your furnace can last upwards of 15 years with proper care. You should have your furnace inspected once a year, particularly if it is an older model (older models have pilot lights—that should tell you if yours is older or not). Furnace repair is necessary to keeping your unit running safely for many years, and involves:

  • cleaning the air filter
  • making sure the fan is turning
  • replacing or reconnecting loose/broken wiring
  • troubleshooting poor heating causes
  • investigating the motor for loose parts

Getting your furnace checked yearly gives you better assurance that your unit is safe to crank up as the weather gets cooler.

Air conditioner

Your air conditioner will give you more cooling power if you always have it mounted in a window where air can ventilate through it. Never place an air conditioner in a room that is too small, as this can cause the appliance to over-cool and built ice or frost on the front of the unit. The British thermal units (BTUs) you need in your air conditioner in order to cool a space changes from room to room. For example, you may need 8,000 BTUs to cool a room with 350 square feet, but only 6,000 BTUs for a room just under 250 square feet. An HVAC contractor (such as one from Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC) or specialist can help you choose the best AC unit for your home.

Water heater

Your water heater is just like your furnace in needing to be inspected every single year. A leaking or rusted water heater will need repair or full replacement to prevent placing foul water in your home's water system. You can protect your water heater by properly insulating it so it can keep water at the right temperature without abusing the motor, and by repairing all leaks as soon as you notice them. With proper maintenance, your water heater can last a few decades or more.

Your home's appliances are important to you, and you want to care for them properly. From your refrigerator to your furnace, you can do simple things to help all your common appliances last as long as you can.