Three Worrying Consequences Of Failing To Replace Your Furnace Filter

For many homeowners, replacing the furnace air filter is a task that gets tackled only when it's convenient, and not nearly often enough. Most HVAC repair specialists will recommend changing your air filter approximately every 2 or 3 months. This isn't because they're trying to earn money for the filter manufacturers or pad their own pockets -- it's because failing to change your furnace filter often enough can have some pretty worrying consequences, including the following:

A Decreased Furnace Life Expectancy

When your filter is dirty, it loses its ability to properly trap dust and other small particles as they flow through your duct system. A lot of this dust will accumulate on the components of your furnace (and your air conditioner in the summer). When your furnace components are dirty, the furnace has to work a lot harder to heat your home because the dust slows down heat transfer. The harder your furnace works, the shorter its lifespan will be. What sounds like a better deal: a new $2 - 3 filter every few months, or having to buy a new furnace 2 years early? The filter wins every time!

Allergy Symptoms and Dust Accumulation in the Home

Do you suffer from allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and wheezing? Most allergy patients use countless methods, including medications, in-home air filters, and bedroom humidifiers to ease their symptoms. However, if you have not changed your air filter in a while, doing so may be all it takes to calm your allergy symptoms. When your filter is dirty, the dust and mold spores in your ducts end up spewed all over your home, which not only makes for scratchy eyes, but also a lot of extra cleaning.

Higher Energy Bills

Many homeowners go to great lengths to save money on their energy bills. You may have a programmable thermostat, keep the temperature lower and put on a sweater, or limit your hot water use. If you're not also replacing your furnace filter every 2 - 3 months, you're missing out on a valuable energy-savings opportunity. Your furnace has to work harder to push air through a clogged, dirty filter than a clean one. Switch it out for a new one, and you're likely to notice an immediate reduction in energy use.

You don't have to use expensive or specialty furnace filters to effectively trap dust and dirt. Putting in new, disposable filter every few months only costs a couple of dollars, and it allows you to avoid allergies, premature furnace malfunctions, and high energy bills.

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