Air Conditioners: Directly Connecting The Condensate Drain Line To The Home's Drain Pipe Is A Mistake

An air conditioner's condensate drainage system is made up of a collection trays and a system of drain lines. When this system is in good shape, it usually guides air conditioner moisture -- that is usually formed when the air is cooled in the evaporator coil -- away from your house. As a result, it helps to protect your home from mold growth while also shielding your valuables from moisture damage.

However, installation mistakes can turn this system into a liability. Connecting your air conditioner's drain line directly to your home's main drain piping is an example of such a mistake. Here is what you should know about why this is discouraged and what you should do instead.

The negative effects of direct connections

Directly connecting your condensate drain line to your home's drain pipe provides an alternative route to the contents of the drain pipe. Any pressure build-up in your home's drain system will therefore force the contents of the drain up the condensate line and into your air conditioning system. There is also the fact that bacteria can simply grow up the condensate line. Given enough time, they can therefore infect the entire system.

What makes this worse is the fact that a central air conditioning system has access to almost all areas in a home. As a result, any bacterial buildup in the system will result in a home-wide attack. Sewer smells that also travel from the main drain piping will also be distributed throughout the home via the air conditioner's air duct system. This not only increases the risk of bacterial infections, but also makes it unbearable for loved ones to stay in the home.

An alternative to direct home drain connections

Given the increased risks of infections and bad odors that directly connecting the condensate drain line to the home drain piping exposes your home to, looking at alternative methods of disposing the condensate is advisable. One of the most effective ways of doing so is directing the condensate drain line outside so that it can empty the collected moisture in the gutter system. Simply letting it dump the moisture on the ground -- outside -- will also work.

Protecting the air conditioner in case of home drain piping connection

In case you still wish to use the home drain piping system to empty the air conditioner's condensate, shielding your air conditioning system from the contents of the home drain piping is a must. This can be done using a moisture trap. Get it installed between your condensate drain line and the home drain piping to protect your home from bad odors and bacterial infections.

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