3 Ways You Can Detect Costly Air Leaks In Your Home

Even though it is cold outside right now, the hot, summer months will be here before you know it. Because of this, you need to know if you have air escaping from your home. If so, this will raise your energy bills and you will not feel comfortable. Some common places you will find leaks are an attic opening, plumbing vents, wiring holes, such as phone lines and electrical outlets, recessed lights, and furnace ducts. Below are some tips on how to find these air leaks so you can get them repaired.

Use Incense

Turn off your HVAC unit, and then light an incense stick and walk slowly around your home. If you notice the smoke moves sideways then you have a leak somewhere in that room. This is because the air is drawing the smoke towards it. Hold the incense stick next to areas listed above, as well as around your windows and edges of doors, or anywhere else you think air could escape.

Use an Air Leak Detector

You can purchase an air leak detector at a home improvement store. Turn the leak detector on and you will see a light. Point the detector at different areas where you think you have a leak. You will notice the light move back and forth as it scans for air leaks. If it does detect a leak, the light will change to red. The detector will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

Hire an HVAC Contractor

Call an HVAC contractor to determine if you have any air leaks in the duct system in your home. If they find leaks, they can replace these ducts for you to stop them. The contractor will also check the HVAC system itself to see if it has any leaks, such as a refrigerant leak.

They can depressurize your home to find leaks also. To do this, they will close all vents in your home except for one. The HVAC contractor will use a type of hose to put pounds of pressurized air through the ductwork. They have a special device they can use to measure the pressure of the air coming out of the vent you left open. If they notice the pressure goes down, then you have a leak.

Once you find all the leaks in your home, contact the appropriate contractor to repair them for you. In some cases, you can do this yourself, such as replacing worn out stripping around windows and doors.