New AC Or Replacement? How To Decide

If you're having trouble with your air conditioner, you may need to decide whether an air conditioning repair or a new air conditioning installation is your best option. While it may be tempting to simply spend the least amount of money right now, there are a few things you need to consider.

Ongoing Repair Costs

While today's air conditioning repair will be cheaper than buying a new unit, repair costs add up over time. If you have a relatively new air conditioner, you should absolutely go ahead and repair it even if it's out of warranty.

For older models, you need to consider how much longer it will last. Once reliability starts dropping, you could quickly pay far more than the cost of a new unit in repair bills.

Electricity Costs

Both federal regulations and other factors have driven up air conditioner efficiency in recent years. Newer models can keep your home even colder at a much lower energy cost.

If you can cut your electric bill by half or more, that's money that you could be using to pay off a new unit or to increase your savings if you paid cash. A new air conditioner could even pay for itself in energy savings.

To find out how much you can save, ask your air conditioning service provider how efficient your current unit is and to compare its energy usage against a new model.

Ducts and Vents

When you install an air conditioning system, your ducts and vents need to be sized just right. This allows proper airflow throughout your home and ensures that the AC system works at maximum efficiency.

In addition, some building codes may require that your ductwork and ventilation meet the current building code. This could be a problem if you have an older home.

The cost of ductwork installation is a potential downside to going with a new model, but even if you do need ductwork, you could still come out ahead.

Length of Time You'll Be in the Home

If you're planning on moving soon, you may want to hold off on the AC replacement. Home improvement projects rarely give a positive return on your investment.

Even if you sell your house for a slightly lower price, it probably won't be reduced by the full cost of a new AC. Plus the new homeowner may want to pick a system that meets their preferences.

To learn more about whether to repair or replace or to get a quote, contact a local air conditioning service today.