Does Your Air Conditioner's Condenser Really Need To Be On A Level Surface?

If you have central air conditioning in your home, you may have noticed that the condenser unit is placed outside your home on a level surface. It could be a small slab of concrete or a platform. This is not just done to keep the condenser off the dirt ground, but to make sure that it is installed on a level surface. Here is what you need to know about why the placement of the condenser is so important that it requires a level surface.

Why A Level Surface Is Necessary

The condenser has many parts inside of it, some of which are really heavy. The entire condenser can actually way a few hundred pounds because of all the components packed inside it. A lot of the weight is packed into the sides of the condenser where you'll find the main coil. Installing the condenser on a flat, steady, and level surface helps prevent the unit from sinking, and in a worst-scenario, could tip over and rip itself off from the unit's cooling line.

Having a condenser not installed on a level service will also cause problems with it not working properly. For instance, there is a pump inside that helps move oil with the main refrigerant to keep everything lubricated. If that oil separates and pools, it won't be able to work into the motor and provide lubrication. The pump will eventually wear out due to overheating. Having the unit installed in an upright position helps ensure everything runs smoothly.

What Can Be Done When An Uneven Surface Isn't Found?

If there is not a nearby level surface to use during an air conditioner installation, your HVAC provider should be able to make a level surface for you. This can be done by putting gravel on the ground, which is often used as a base for driveways and various concrete-based construction.

Surface with a lot of clay may work fine, but it will require molding the clay so that it is in a level shape. Concrete slabs can be poured to provide stability and keep the unit off the ground. Even using patio blocks are an option to make it look nice if you have a gravel base beneath it.

For more info on how to properly install your air conditioner, or correct a problem with an incorrectly installed unit, reach out to a local HVAC repairs contractor today.