Four Things To Check Before You Call A Heating System Repair Company

If your heating system is not working right or not at all, there may be a few things that you can do to fix the problem yourself. This will save time and money. Of course, without being a technician yourself, there are a limited number of things you can troubleshoot and fix, but the following are a few that most homeowners will have little trouble doing.

Check the battery in your thermostat

If your thermostat is not working, your furnace will not turn on. You need to check the batteries. Even if you can read the LCD display, the battery may not be strong enough to operate the thermostat. If you can't remember the last time you changed the battery, then it is likely time to do so. Although these batteries can last several years, homeowners often neglect to change them.

Check the power to your furnace

All you need to do is turn the fan on from your thermostat. If it comes on, even though there is no heat, you will know that the furnace has power. If it doesn't turn on, then you need to check your circuit breakers, this may be the culprit. Go to your circuit breaker box and check to see if the switch has popped. You may have the type that pops up or the type that pops to the side. Although you should have your circuit breakers labeled, if you don't, look for one that is in the off position. Most breaker boxes have labels for on and off.

Check the pilot light

This only applies if you have a gas furnace, but it is possible for a pilot light to be extinguished. It is best to turn it off during the summer months, but you still need to ignite it when the weather turns cold. If you didn't turn it off, you need to do a visual check to make sure it is lit. Most furnaces today have an ignition switch that you can push to provide a spark to ignite the pilot light. Simply follow the directions on the furnace or in your owner's manual.

Check for a blockage of the air intake

If your furnace turns on but you're not getting much heat, you need to check the filter. If you haven't changed it for a long time, it can clog up your heating system. You should also look at the air intake area of the furnace. If you have an outdoor unit, you need to check for debris, especially leaves that are blocking the air intake of the heating unit.

The information above may prove helpful, but if you cannot find the problem, you will need to call a heating and air technician to find and fix the problem.