3 Benefits of HEPA Filters for Your HVAC System

HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air, filters are a type of high-end air filter that is installed in your central heating or air conditioning system. Like all air filters, they work to remove airborne particles from your home's air supply before they manage to enter your HVAC system and then be transported throughout your home. However, HEPA filters are designed to be much better at capturing these airborne particles due to their unique design.

Being aware of some of the largest practical benefits associated with having a HEPA filter installed in your HVAC system can help you figure out if upgrading your filter is something that should think about.

Cleaner Household

An often overlooked benefit associated with having a high-efficiency air filter is that they can help keep your home clean. Since high-efficiency filters are able to remove a larger amount of dust and other particles from your home's air supply, naturally less dust will be able to accumulate throughout your home. This can help save you time on your regular cleaning schedule, as you won't have to dust or vacuum as often in order to keep various surfaces throughout your home clean. HEPA filters can also trap mold spores and prevent them from spreading throughout your home, which can help slow the spread of mold and give you more time to get in touch with a mold remediation specialist.

Improved Air Quality

The air quality in your home plays a huge role in your family's comfort level throughout the year, since dusty air filled with airborne particles can be aggravating to be exposed to consistently. HEPA filters, by design, can help improve your home's overall air quality by removing finer particles and allergens that other filters may simply let pass through them. Not only can this help reduce the amount of dust in the air, as already mentioned, but it can also help alleviate your allergy or asthma symptoms throughout the year.

Odor Control

Another thing to note about having a high-efficiency air filter installed in your central heating and cooling system is that such a filter can help reduce the strength and occurrence of bad smells. Some odors, particularly pet dander and cigarette smoke can set into your fabrics and be very hard to remove even after just a short period of exposure. This is an extremely important benefit for those who smoke, have pets, or have similar habits that can change the overall smell of your home, allowing you to maintain a pristine interior.

If you're interested in getting HEPA filters for your home, contact local air conditioner services.