How Do You Determine If You Need AC Replacement Services?

Are you a homeowner whose air conditioning system is not performing well? If so, you may be wondering whether you should upgrade to a new system or get the current system repaired. A repair will likely be cheaper. However, if your system is frequently requiring repairs, the costs can add up quickly, making it sensible to get a new system. There are also other things to consider such as the efficiency of your system. If it is not energy efficient and not cooling properly, you are likely going to run the AC more, which can result in higher energy costs. The following points will help you understand when AC replacement services are ideal.

Significant Repairs

Perhaps you will find out that the reason your system is underperforming lies in the fact that a repair is needed. If it is a minor repair, you may choose not to upgrade. However, if it is a significant repair that will be costly, you should consider price comparison for the repair and a new system. It may be more sensible to ditch the current system and upgrade. Some replacement parts are costly, and replacing them is sometimes an indicator that there are other major issues present in the system.


Some people expect their AC systems to last indefinitely. You can expect a new system to last many years. This is what makes an AC replacement an appealing decision. Keep in mind that older systems may also require more energy to operate. Investing in a new AC system can result in savings on your energy bill. Over time, this could mean that the new unit pays for itself. You could also use the savings for other home improvement projects.

Obsolete Parts 

Although it may be possible to locate parts for an older unit, sometimes it is hard. This can result in you being without air for a while. Parts are not the only issue with older units. Many of them require Freon, which is a refrigerant. New models require refrigerant, but the refrigerants are not Freon, which will soon be phased out.

An HVAC contractor can be used as a resource to identify whether it is ideal to replace your system. They can discuss a number of factors, which can help you to understand why they recommend AC replacement services. Contractors will know the correct size of unit to install and whether there are any rebates you may qualify for. They can even explain the brands that are favored among homeowners and contractors.