A Guide To Different Air Conditioning Units

This article offers you a short guide to three different types of air conditioning  that tend to be popular with homeowners. This guide will explain the basics of each type, as well as a small list of some of the benefits that come with each type, as well as some of the answers to common questions.

Window air conditioning units: A lot of people like air conditioning units if they are in a situation where that is all they need. For small-to-medium sized rooms, all you may need is a window unit. However, when you are trying to cool an entire house, one won't be able to do the job. The units also have vents you can point in different directions, so they blow the air in the direction of the room where it is needed the most. These units can generally be bought for an affordable price if air conditioning is needed immediately and the person has limited funds.

Questions and Answers:

Are window ACs easy to install? Window ACs are easy to install if you have all of the right tools and know what you are doing. However, an HVAC tech is your best bet because they can install it so there are no leaks or other issues.

Are window ACs the most efficient way to go? Window ACs aren't known as being as efficient as other types of cooling, because you will need to use numerous ones to cool all the rooms in the house.

Central HVAC systems: Central HVAC systems are one of the most commonly used types. This is the way to go if you want to be able to keep the entire home cool, no matter how small or large the home is. There are different sized units, so you can put the one in that is right for your home. The cool air exits through registers in each room, so the temperature will remain consistent from room to room. Even if you are in a home that has never had central air that uses ductwork that goes throughout the home, you should be able to have it installed. If you have central air, you will need to have it serviced annually in order to keep it working as well as it should for as long as it should.

Questions and Answers:

What maintenance is needed with central heating and air conditioning? The main things you have to do with central air is to keep the air filter clean, to keep the area around the outside compressor clear, and to make sure you have the system serviced professionally on an annual basis.

Is central air conditioning efficient? Newer central air systems are very efficient. The trick is to be sure you continue with the annual maintenance and don't run it warmer or cooler than what you need to be comfortable. Also, call a technician out for problems early on.

Ductless air conditioning: There is another option you can choose to keep your home cool, and that is to go with a ductless air conditioning system. This is a system that won't require those ducts, so it does simplify things a bit.  

Questions and Answers:

When is it a good idea to go with ductless over central? Ductless are commonly used for additions, mother-in-law quarters, and garages.

Is servicing required? Just as you should have a technician come out for your central air system, you should also have your ductless system serviced annually.