3 Important Signs You Need To Call A Plumber

When it comes to residential plumbing fixes, there are a number of things the average homeowner may be able to do on their own, without much more assistance than an online video or detailed tutorial. The problem of a partially clogged sink drain, for example, might be easily solved with some drain cleaner products and a bit of elbow grease. But for the more serious problems -- the cases in which you are suddenly overwhelmed with a plumbing issue that is quickly worsening -- it is best to call a professional plumbing service. Take a look below at three of the most important signs that you should pick up the phone and call a plumber immediately.

Sudden Flooding

Of all the residential plumbing problems a homeowner can face, flooding is almost certainly the most daunting. It may be tempting in relatively "mild" cases to wait out the flooding and hope for only minimal repercussions. But flooding caused by an unseen broken pipe or the groundwater swelling that sometimes happens after a storm can cause serious, permanent damage to a home if it is not immediately addressed. Only professional plumbers possess the experience, knowledge, and tools it takes to combat flooding and save a home from lasting damage. 

Sewer Line Issues

When most people think of residential plumbing, they think of what is visible to them on an everyday basis: things such as toilets, sinks, faucets, and the pipes that surround them. But the heavy lifting of residential plumbing is actually done by the sewer lines beneath a homeowner's property. If you start to notice sewage backup, odor, or even soggy patches in your lawn that weren't there before, it's time to call a plumber. Sewer lines that go unrepaired can quickly crack or even collapse, turning into massive headaches that can threaten the foundation of your home. 

Water Heater Leaks

It's likely that very few homeowners would enjoy life without a daily hot shower, but without a functioning water heater, it may be necessary to take cold showers. If you have noticed what appears to be a leak in your water heater, it is possible there is a crack in the tank. Because of the sensitive nature of water heaters, it is best to deal with the problem by calling a plumber as soon as possible. An experienced plumber can help with necessary repairs or, in a worst-case scenario, recommend a viable replacement. 

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