Is Your Elderly Parent Living In A Hot House? Get A Small Ductless AC Unit For Their Small Cooling Needs

If you worry about your parent who is getting older being in a house without air conditioning, you may want to splurge and get them a small unit. You could get a ductless unit if you don't want to install a brand-new home air conditioning system throughout the house.

Have an air conditioning installation company meet you at your parent's house to get an evaluation and an estimate. Here are the questions to ask.

How Much Square Footage Will It Cool

If your parent lives in a small house then a ductless unit should be enough to cool it. These units can cool the main area in the home and a bedroom. Get the measurements of your parent's home and talk with the heating services professional about what size of ductless unit will be the best for the home.

Is the Unit More Efficient Than a Traditional Unit? 

There are many benefits to choosing the efficient ductless unit in comparison to a traditional central air conditioner. The advantages include:

  • Minimal energy use since there are no fans or long hours trying to regulate temperatures
  • Installation is one small unit
  • You don't have to worry about external damages like weathering or pests

Your parents won't have to pay for a large unit, and this small unit runs very efficiently.

What are the Warranty Options?

Since this is an investment for your parents, and you don't want to have to stress about mechanical issues, be sure that the unit comes with a warranty. You also want to ask the HVAC services provider what type of service warranty they provide for their work, to be sure that they are willing to stand by the work that their staff does when they install the small ductless unit.

If you worry that the heat is going to be damaging to your parent's health and that they need to have a solution, you don't need to have a large central air conditioner installed in their small home. Instead, get a mini ductless unit that will be satisfactory for their cooling needs.

Get more than one quote so you know what this will cost and if it's in the budget. After you get a couple of quotes and compare warranties from the companies you can move forward and feel confident your parent is living in a comfortable environment.

For more information, contact an HVAC service in your area.