Learn More About New Furnaces

Whether you don't have a furnace, your old furnace is ready to be replaced, or you have just made the decision to upgrade, you likely found this article because you have questions about furnaces and the installation of furnaces. Here are some questions and answers, and you may find what you are looking for by reading on:

Signs of a failing furnace

There are quite a few signs you may notice that can tell you that the furnace in your home is at the point where you should replace it. You might begin to hear it making new noises. You may also begin to notice rust. The furnace may start acting up in a way that causes it to not heat the home as well as it usually does. Another sign of the furnace having serious issues can be that you are suddenly seeing a big leap in the amount of your electricity bill. 

Reasons for having a professional install the new furnace

All of the how-to videos online have helped many people feel like they no longer need professionals to do a lot of the things they used to hire the professionals for. Instead, they watch online videos and try to take care of a lot of things on their own. However, installing your new furnace is still something that you want to leave to the professionals. Installing it on your own will void the warranty. Also, you can accidentally install the furnace in a way that can cause the furnace to malfunction in a way that can be dangerous. 

Things you want to do to extend the life of your new furnace

Once you have a new furnace, you are of course going to want to make sure that you are staying on top of the filter and keeping it clean as needed. Many factors can cause you to need to change your filter more often than many other people. Living in a high-dust region, smoking in the house, or having pets in the house can lead to more dust particles to be in the air that your filter would need to filter out. Also, you want to make sure you have the furnace services yearly. 


If you are dealing with a furnace that seems to give you troubles or your furnace is an older one, then think about having a new one installed so you can put the furnace worries behind you and just enjoy having a nice warm house.

To get help with a furnace installation, contact an HVAC company, such as Bowen Refrigeration.