4 Ways To Protect Your HVAC So It Has A Long Life And Operates Efficiently

A new HVAC could last a couple of decades if you have it serviced regularly and take good care of all the components. Since a central heating and air conditioning system can be expensive, you want it to last as long as possible. Here are four ways you can protect your furnace, air conditioner, and ducts.

1. Have Professional Maintenance

Your HVAC could need to be serviced twice each year. Your AC is usually tuned up in the spring and the furnace is cleaned and inspected in the fall. Scheduled service might be a condition of your warranty, and it helps your equipment operate efficiently. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment, so you may want to enter a service agreement with an HVAC company and get reminders when it's time for a service call so you don't forget.

2. Keep Pests Away From Your Ducts

It's a common problem to have pests in your attic. Squirrels, rats, raccoons, and birds can get in your attic in search of shelter. Once inside, they can damage your ducts. You don't want a squirrel to open a duct or conditioned air will leak in your attic. Plus, the animals could move in and leave germs and foul odors in your ducts that get blown around your house. Seal your attic and check it regularly to make sure pests haven't made a home in your ducts.

3. Protect The Condenser

The condenser is exposed to harsh conditions outside. You may want to protect it from the sun by providing shade in the form of bushes or a tree. Just be sure the branches and plants are several inches away from the condenser so they don't block airflow. A lattice fence might be something to consider too.

A lattice fence is attractive, and it can hide the condenser so your yard is more attractive. Plus the fence allows airflow while keeping dogs and kids away from the AC. Just be sure anything you put around the condenser is far enough away that the HVAC company can access the unit easily when it's time for a service call.

4. Keep Dust Out Of The HVAC

When an HVAC technician services your equipment, they clean the inside parts as needed. The internal parts of your air handler get dirty due to dust getting sucked inside and due to combustion if you have a gas furnace. By changing the filter on a set schedule, you can keep as much dust out of the air handler as possible.

Plus, keep the area around the air handler clean and free of dust and clutter. The indoor air handler and furnace need space around them for adequate airflow too, so make sure nothing gets shoved against the unit or over a register. The better the airflow, the better the HVAC can cool and heat your home without stressing your system.