HVAC Facts You Should Know

When it comes to household HVAC systems and their care and maintenance, many homeowners find themselves falling victim to many misconceptions that can be damaging to the system. If you want to be sure that your HVAC system is getting the best possible care, there are a few things that you need to know. Here are a couple of important facts about HVAC services and systems that homeowners should understand.

It's Not A Case Of Go Big Or Go Home

You have probably heard people say go big or go home in reference to a lot of things, including your HVAC system. The theory behind it is that, if you're installing a new HVAC system, you should buy the biggest system you can possibly afford. After all, bigger must be better, right?

The fact is that, when it comes to HVAC systems, it's more important to get your system properly sized for your home instead of just buying the biggest one that you can get. If you buy a unit that's too large, it will heat and cool your home too rapidly, leading to short cycling which can burn out the motor and other components.

If It's Not Broke, Still Fix It

Another common misconception that homeowners have about household HVAC services is that you only need to call an HVAC services technician when your system is malfunctioning or broken. However, neglecting the maintenance attention for your HVAC system can lead to more frequent, and sometimes otherwise unnecessary, repairs.

Instead, you should make sure that your HVAC system is maintained at least once a year by a local HVAC services technician. Additionally, you should replace the air filter once a month so that your HVAC system maintains sufficient airflow.

You Shouldn't Have To Turn Up The Thermostat

It's easy to fall into the trap of turning up the thermostat in the hopes of warming your house to the ideal temperature, even if you have to turn the thermostat much higher than your intended temperature. The fact is that, while this may eventually work, you're going to be overworking your HVAC system. Ideally, you should be able to set your thermostat to the temperature you want and have your HVAC system maintain the temperature. If there's a problem with temperature maintenance, you need an HVAC services technician to identify the cause, whether it's an undersized HVAC system or a leak in your home.