4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Heating Services

If you're like many people throughout the country, you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold months of the year. The last thing you want is furnace problems in the middle of winter. If you do notice that your furnace isn't working properly, you should contact heating services right away. Getting your furnace repaired sooner rather than later can prevent an emergency situation, such as your furnace going out altogether.

Here are four signs your furnace is in need of heating services.

1. Your Furnace Makes Noises

When your furnace is running, it should be nice and quiet. If it makes any kind of noise, there may be something wrong with it. If your furnace makes a banging noise when it kicks on, it's probably because you have dirty furnace burners, which are causing a delayed ignition.

Other reasons for banging noises in the furnace include undersized ducts, closed vents, or a dirty air filter. Furnaces that aren't working right can also make loud grinding or whining noises. All of these noises indicate you need heating services.

2. Your Thermostat Isn't Working

Is your thermostat turned up, but it still feels cold inside your home? If so, your thermostat probably isn't working correctly. If your furnace suddenly quits working, it might also be a problem with your thermostat. In some instances, your thermostat may simply need new batteries. If it's not the batteries, heating services may need to calibrate the thermostat's temperature-sensitive switches.

3. Your Utility Bill Is Going Up

Have you noticed that your utility bill is on the rise? One reason for this is that the temperature has dropped and your furnace is running more. However, in some cases, rising utility bills could indicate a problem with your furnace. A faulty furnace uses more energy to meet the load demand of your thermostat. The more energy your furnace requires to run, the more it will affect your utility bill.

4. Your Furnace Turns On and Shuts Off Repeatedly

It's normal for the furnace to turn on and then shut off again. However, if it does this repeatedly, it could indicate a problem. This is called short cycling. One reason for short cycling is that you have a faulty temperature-monitoring component, which is causing your furnace to overheat.

Contaminated air filters, faulty thermostats, clogged flues, a damaged electronic ignition system, and air leaks are all other reasons for a furnace to experience short cycles.

For additional information, contact a heating service