Tips for Treating Rust on an AC Unit's Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located outside so naturally, they're going to get dirty. They can also develop rust in some cases, and if they do, your response needs to be particular so that you don't have to replace this component and spend a lot of money.

Act Fast

Rust isn't like dirt that you can just remove pretty easily even after it has time to sit out. If you don't get to rusted coil sections quickly, then you can do serious harm to the coils' condition. A repair may then not even be possible. You thus want to keep a sense of urgency when addressing rust on condenser coils. As soon as you see sections develop rust, get together the right materials and cleaning tools. Then you'll get to the rust in time before it costs you an arm and a leg later on.

Use a Special Condenser Coil Spray

You don't want to treat rust on condenser coils with just any product you find on the marketplace. That will probably leave you with a difficult cleaning process, and in some cases, you could cause more damage to the coils. Before you begin cleaning, take time to find a specialized condenser coil cleaning spray.

Cleaning sprays that are specifically designed for coils will have more effective results, even when you clean something as tough as rust. You can save yourself a difficult search process if you just ask an HVAC technician what cleaning agents they would use for rust. 

Utilize Multiple Treatments

Sometimes, rust can still be pretty difficult to remove from condenser coils when you use a special spray. You'll achieve optimal results by utilizing multiple treatments throughout the next couple of days. Don't get frustrated if some rust is left over after you scrub down the coils.

You can let the products sit out on the coils overnight and then come back the next day with another treatment. This repeated effort should be enough to break down any rusted section, leaving behind clean coils that allow the condenser to work as efficiently as possible. 

Condenser coils for AC units — since they're exposed to the elements outside — can develop rust eventually. If they do, that's not the end of the line for this component. You just need to come up with a solid cleaning plan and utilize the right products. Then your cleaning efforts will be worthwhile.  

If you need help with air conditioning repair, contact an HVAC contractor.