Interested In An Interior Expansion Without Adding On? 3 Reasons To Install A Mini-Split For Your HVAC Needs

While uncomfortable for some, the recent pandemic-related shutdowns have been a source of inspiration for many families. In areas where city or county government restrictions forced families to live, work and educate their children inside their own home for the sake of public health, a strong desire for additional space became apparent. 

Even though most of the restrictions have now eased, many of these families remain keenly interested in achieving a more spacious home. But they need to do so without incurring the cost of building a major addition to their house. Instead, families in this situation should consider converting existing spaces inside their home, such as unfinished attics, garages, and basements, to finished living spaces. And this information will show how installing a mini-split HVAC system can help. 

No need to plan or install ducts and vents

When converting an attic, basement or garage to a finished living space and planning to install or connect to a traditional residential HVAC system, finding ways to conceal bulky ducts and vents must be part of the planning process. Unfortunately, the space required to install HVAC ducts and vents can be difficult to find inside spaces that already have space limitations, like attics and small garages or storage areas. 

Homeowners can avoid the need to devote precious space to HVAC vents and ducts by opting to heat and cool these spaces with a mini-split system, instead. With no need for ducts or vents, these compact systems require only a small space on an interior wall and a small hanger or pad for the outdoor components to sit on. 

Economical source for heating and cooling

Efficiency is another important benefit to be had by choosing to install a mini-split HVAC system in order to heat and cool newly finished spaces inside your home. Available in several sizes, a mini-split provides fast, efficient heating or cooling services in a quiet, compact system. Homeowners can also choose to run their mini-split system only when the space will be occupied by using timers or a remote to turn the system on and off. 

Quick installation and minimal repair issues

Mini-split HVAC systems also offer homeowners fast installation, often requiring just a few hours from unboxing the components to enjoying the heated or cooled air. Available with both pre-charged and uncharged coolant lines, installation requires no structural changes to the home except for the boring of a small opening in an exterior wall through which the coolant lines and electrical connections will pass. 

Known for providing dependable heating and cooling at an affordable cost, mini-split systems can be both installed and repaired by most reputable HVAC contractors. Contact a local HVAC repair service, such as Charles & Sons Remodeling, to learn more.