5 Causes Of Airflow Problems That Need Air Conditioning Repair Services

No one wants to spend most of their summer sweating in the heat, but air conditioning airflow problems can make your summer miserable. This problem leaves parts of your home without adequate conditioning when others feel too much of it. Airflow problems can occur from faults in different AC components, but a skilled air conditioning repair service can quickly diagnose and fix the fault. Here are common causes of AC airflow problems and how AC services deal with them:

1. Leaky Ducts

If you're not getting enough air through your ducts, they're likely leaky. These leaks happen when ducts become damaged or loose over time and when ductwork is installed improperly in your home. Leaks don't only cause airflow problems; they can also cause an inefficient heating and cooling system. The AC service will do ductwork sealing to fix this problem. 

2. Sluggish Blower Motor and Fan

Your air conditioner's blower motor and fan circulate cooling air through your home via vents. If they don't operate at full power, airflow is likely impaired. Blower motors develop faults because of frequent use, dust buildup, moisture intrusion, and electrical surges or lightning strikes. An AC technician can rewind the motor or replace it to restore proper airflow. 

3. Obstructed Registers and Vents

An obstructed register or vent obstructed will reduce airflow to and from your unit. You will notice a drop in temperature, a drop in humidity levels, or increased indoor noise levels. All three conditions are symptoms of HVAC airflow problems. 

Your air conditioning repair service will remove any blockages from registers and vents to fix these problems and restore proper airflow.

4. Clogged Air Filters

The air filters in your home's HVAC system are responsible for keeping allergens and debris out of your indoor air. A clogged air filter prevents airflow, increases energy costs, and shortens equipment lifespan. An AC technician can regularly change or replace your HVAC system's filters to ensure smooth operation and efficiency.

5. Flawed Duct Design

If the ductwork isn't installed correctly, you will experience poor airflow. This is because there will be kinks and obstructions that impede smooth airflow. The ductwork could also be terminated at the wrong spots, leading to hot and cold spots in your home. 

The ideal solution is redesigning the ductwork. However, it can be very expensive, especially in a large home, and the AC service should try and replace the most affected sections. 

Airflow problems can let you down when you most need the AC, lowering comfort levels and causing AC inefficiencies. Call air conditioning repair services to diagnose and fix these causes to restore your home's comfort.