Refrigeration Repair Services

Commercial refrigeration repair services include assessing, repairing, and replacing thermostats that are used to regulate the temperature output of refrigerators, freezers, display cases, and ice machines. An HVAC contractor may be hired to remove and replace the refrigerant within an appliance.

Monitor And Clean Equipment

A commercial refrigeration contractor can be hired to monitor and clean equipment. These types of services can ward off high energy bills that are a direct result of damaged or dirty equipment. All of the refrigeration units that are at a place of business should be regulated. Regulating each machine involves setting the thermostat to one temperature that will adequately keep perishable items or ice products fresh.

A business owner can restrict their employees from adjusting the thermostats. By doing so, it may be apparent if a machine requires servicing. If the temperature within a refrigerator or another appliance does not seem as cool as normal, it is time to have the equipment assessed.

Repair Equipment And Provide Refrigerant Services

An HVAC contractor can replace thermostats, repair condenser units, and fix broken parts that comprise the exterior or interior of a refrigeration unit. A contractor may use a multi-meter and voltage tester during the initial inspection of equipment. These tools will determine if live wires are present and will calculate how much voltage is running through a piece of equipment. The use of specialized tools will help a contractor pinpoint what part of a refrigeration appliance needs to be repaired.

If a piece of equipment is no longer working and the owner of it would like to dispose of the equipment, an HVAC technician should be contacted. A technician will safely empty the refrigerant from an appliance. A vacuum pump and a recovery bottle are used for this process. An oil separation process can be used to recycle refrigerant products. If an appliance isn't cooling down as intended, an HVAC service technician can be hired to conduct a recycling process.

First, they will collect the refrigerant from the appliance. Afterward, they will use a piece of equipment that performs an oil separation process. Once the recycling process is complete, the refrigerant will be added back to the appliance. A technician will set the thermostat and inspect the appliance, to determine if the unit is cooling down properly. If a refrigerant product is going to be disposed of, a technician may provide a transport service that will allow a customer to get rid of the unwanted refrigerant. 

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