Learn About Air Conditioning Problems

Your air conditioner can have many issues come up that have to be repaired. If something seems to be happening to your air conditioning, you want to catch it early and have it fixed. This helps keep the system running efficiently. It also prevents worse problems from occurring that could become expensive to fix or cause you to need a whole new unit installed. You should continue reading to learn about a few signs that you should have an air conditioning repair technician come to look at and possibly repair your air conditioner. 

Your air conditioner isn't turning on

If the air conditioner isn't turning on, the first thing to do is check the batteries in the thermostat and check the fuse isn't blown. However, if these things are fine, then you'll want to get a professional out to look at the system. You shouldn't try turning it on again until it's been checked because you may even be dealing with an electrical issue.

The air conditioner is starting to make noises

You'll know the sounds your air conditioner makes when it first comes on and when it's running. If there are suddenly new sounds, then this always indicates a change. There can be a lot of things causing new noises. A worn belt can cause a squealing sound. A leak can sound like hissing. A broken part can cause rattling, thumping, or any other number of noises. A technician should have a look before you continue to use an air conditioner that's been making sounds. 

The air conditioner isn't blowing cold

If the air conditioner seems to be working, but it's not cool air coming from the registers, then it may have frozen. Some things that can cause the air conditioner to freeze can include: 

  • Improper airflow caused by things like dirty filters or damaged ducts

  • A clogged condensation drain line

  • Low refrigerant caused by a leak

  • A damaged blower fan

If the air conditioner is frozen, you want to turn it off and allow it to thaw. Check that the filter is clean. If it is, then you want to have a repair technician come out to find the problem and repair it for you. 


You should always keep the air conditioner repair technician's phone number nearby and where it's easy to find. This way, you can get a hold of them right away when something is happening with the air conditioning. When you continue running a problematic system, it can raise your utility bills, make problems worse, and even possibly cause a fire, depending on what's wrong.