When You Should Look Into New Home Air Conditioning Installation

Many people only pay attention to their NVAC system when it is time to have regular maintenance done or to change from heating to cooling. That is until it starts to not work properly. Once it starts to malfunction, you need to decide whether or not you need a new home air conditioning installation. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you make this decision once you have discussed the situation with an HVAC technician. Here are a few things to consider. 

Age of Unit

While an HVAC system may last 15 to 20 years, you should consider advances in technology before deciding to keep your current unit. If the unit is 10 to 15 years old, it may operate as efficiently as a new unit will. As technology advances, new units are able to produce the same amount of heat or cooling effect with less energy required. Even if your system is working at its optimum efficiency, a newer unit will work better. if your system is damaged, it may be a good idea to just replace it to save energy and money.

Higher Energy Bills

As an HVAC system breaks down it requires more energy to provide the same effects. If your heating and cooling bills are getting higher and higher it is a sign something is wrong with the system. If, after having it repaired, you are still receiving higher than normal energy bills it is time to consider having a new unit installed. 

High Repair Costs

You may not notice it, but if you are needing to have small repairs done to the system on a regular basis, you may want to get a new system. The small bills add up over time. If a repair is going to cost close to the cost of a new unit, it is time to go with the newer one. 

Home air conditioning installation may seem like a big expense, but if your current system isn't functioning at peak efficiency or is old enough to not be able to compete with the efficiency of a newer unit, the money will be well spent. Over the course of the new unit's life, you will end up saving much more money than what you would have spent keeping the old unit running. In addition, a newer unit will improve the air in your home, keeping everyone healthy. Of course, you should discuss everything with an HVAC technician, but knowing the right things to discuss with them is a big help.

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