4 Reasons Why The Fan In Your Condenser Unit Might Malfunction

The fan inside the condenser unit is essential to the lifespan and performance of the AC system. This is because a malfunction means the warm air blown out of the house does not move efficiently. Further, the heat accumulation in the outdoor AC unit will cause some components to overheat and eventually lead to system failure if not addressed in time. Given this, you should call an AC repair expert when you notice changes in parts of the system, like the fan. Here are four reasons this part might malfunction and ways to fix it.

Something Has Created a Power Disconnect

A lack of proper power supply to your condenser unit is the easiest explanation for your fan malfunctioning. Note that when your AC components overheat, they will trip the breakers and cut power to the unit. This immediately turns off the unit, and the only way to restore the fan function is to reset the tripped breaker by turning it off and then on again. However, if the problem persists, get in touch with an AC repair expert to assess the system for other possible electrical problems and solve them.

A Motor That Has Stopped Working

Another common cause of a malfunctioning fan is a dead motor. Note that this component experiences age-related deterioration and eventually stops working without timely repairs. When this happens, the fan will lack the necessary torque to run and blow air. Note that while a burned-out motor may look like a major setback, it allows you to schedule unit repairs. This way, you can seize the moment and upgrade all worn-out components to restore an energy-efficient unit.

A Blockage in the Air Filters

This is another common culprit when it comes to a malfunctioning compressor fan. Note that it is best to change your air filters regularly to aid in proper airflow. Failure to do so will lead to a restricted air filter as dust and other particles accumulate on the component. As a result, your fan will struggle to overcome the resistance caused by the obstruction, and your unit will eventually turn off due to overheating.

Issues with Older System Belts

You should know that older AC units use belts to power the compressor fans of older AC units. So if you have an older cooling unit, it is likely that the fan is malfunctioning because the belt is untied or broken. So, if your belt is broken, it's probably time to replace the entire AC unit. Note that a better, more efficient system is the best answer to this problem.

Hire an AC repair professional when you notice complications developing with your fan. They will help troubleshoot and resolve any issues within the system, which will restore its efficiency. Furthermore, a simple diagnostic test takes a few minutes and will save you a lot of costly repairs in the future.