What Causes A Furnace To Run But Not Heat A House?

Dealing with a furnace that isn't functioning properly is frustrating. For example, what should you do if your furnace runs but doesn't produce heat? This problem is a common issue you might face, and it could result from many issues. You'll likely need a heating repair company to determine and fix the problem. However, here are some of the likely issues that can cause this to occur. 

Bad thermostat 

A bad thermostat can cause many issues. For example, it can prevent a furnace from turning on. In addition, it can cause a furnace to run at the wrong times or shut off too quickly. It can also cause a furnace to run and not produce heat. Thus, you might check your thermostat to see if it's working. Of course, you might need to call a heater company to check it, as you might not know what to look for when inspecting it.

Bad gas valve or sensor

If you have a gas furnace, the system has a gas valve and sensor. The gas valve opens and closes when the system needs gas to operate, while the sensor assists with this process. Unfortunately, a bad sensor might prevent the system from producing heat. The system might turn on, but it might shut off after it can't get any gas. Additionally, your furnace won't heat your home if the gas valve doesn't open.

Pilot light problems

Most gas furnaces also have a pilot light. This light causes the system to fire up when the house needs heat. But pilot lights can experience issues that cause them to go out or not light when needed. Dirt and corrosion can lead to pilot light issues, and a furnace can't produce heat when these issues exist. Cleaning the pilot light might fix the problem. If not, a heating repair company can determine how to fix it.

Fan issues

Another common problem involves the blower fan. A furnace uses a blower fan to distribute heat throughout the house. But if the fan is bad, the system can't distribute heat. Therefore, you might need a new blower fan. Once replaced, a heating technician can test the system to see if it heats your home.

Call a heating service company

Who should you call when you develop a furnace issue? Contact a heating repair service to learn more. They'll know how to troubleshoot the system to locate and repair the problems.