Sealing Your Home Right After Your Air Conditioning Contractor Has Installed Your New A/C: How To Do It

If you have just recently had an air conditioning contractor install a brand new central air system in your home, now is a good time to seal out any drafts. Since you want your new air conditioner to send cool air inside and you want to keep that cool air inside, sealing your home will prevent your A/C from cooling the outside too. You also want to prevent drafts when your unit is not running, which could occur through the open slats of your condenser.

3 Tips to Prevent Leaks in Your Plumbing

A major cause of plumbing leaks in your home is long-term stress on the pipes. If you constantly have leaky pipes, read on for tips on how to protect the integrity of your pipes and hopefully prevent major damage that would necessitate replacing your entire plumbing in the long run. Soften your water Water with a high mineral content—often referred to as hard water—can increase stress on your home plumbing and result in damaged pipes.