Sewer Line Problems & How a Plumber Can Make Repairs

Did you flush the toilet and then notice that dirty water came up out of the bathtub? You may be experiencing a problem with the main sewer line, but there are other signs that you can look for as well. In this article, learn about sewer line problems and what getting a repair will cost if you hire a plumber. What are the Signs of a Sewer Line Problem? One of the common signs that you have a sewer line problem is when water comes out of multiple plumber fixture drains.

Three Worrying Consequences Of Failing To Replace Your Furnace Filter

For many homeowners, replacing the furnace air filter is a task that gets tackled only when it's convenient, and not nearly often enough. Most HVAC repair specialists will recommend changing your air filter approximately every 2 or 3 months. This isn't because they're trying to earn money for the filter manufacturers or pad their own pockets -- it's because failing to change your furnace filter often enough can have some pretty worrying consequences, including the following:

How To Make Your Most Common Home Appliances Last Longer

The appliances you use in your home every day are part of what make your life so comfortable. You want them to last as long as possible, so your refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, and water heater remain useful for years to come. Learn how to make these very common home appliances last for years. Refrigerator You can extend the life of your refrigerator by always placing your thermostat on the middle setting, not the very warmest or the ultimate coolest.

2 Reasons To Choose Radiant Heating Instead Of Forced-Air

Purchasing a new heating system for your home is a big deal, mostly because it does represent a significant expense. But it is worth it when you consider the many benefits that a new system can provide. Your two main choices are radiant and forced-air heating. Radiant systems have an edge over forced-air due to their energy efficiency and the fact that they can improve your air quality. Energy Efficiency

How To Prevent Your AC Condenser From Breaking Down

If your air conditioner's condenser is going to fail this summer, chances are that it will be on a blistering hot day according to Murphy's Law. Thankfully, some preventative maintenance can decrease the chance of this happening on a day when the temperature hits 100 degrees. Try following these 3 steps to keep the condenser in working order. Clean Your Condenser Condensers are designed to be outdoors, but they do get filthy.