Signs That Your AC Needs Thermostat Replacement

Your air conditioner's thermostat is the control unit for your AC system. It is responsible for turning on and off your AC unit so that it can maintain the set temperatures. Thermostats are designed to last a long time; however, their lifespan can be shortened by frequent use or mishandling. If you have an old faulty thermostat, you should probably replace it with a new programmable thermostat. Whether new or old, your AC is vulnerable to damage due to issues like a faulty wiring system.

What's Causing Your Steam Boiler To Randomly Cut Out?

Like any other piece of HVAC equipment, your home's steam boiler has several safety devices that help keep it operating within its normal limits. While boilers developed a bad reputation from catastrophic failures in the past, modern boilers include numerous features to keep them running efficiently and safely. However, these features can also make it challenging to diagnose some failures. If your boiler runs for a time and then shuts down, the most likely culprit is a safety switch.

Signs Of A Cracked Or Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger

Although you may not be familiar with the component, your propane or natural gas furnace's heat exchanger is one of the most critical components of the HVAC system. The heat exchanger is the largest component of your furnace, and it is the job of the heat exchanger to transfer the heat created by the combustion of the gas or propane to the exterior parts of the unit and then into your home.